Mount Washington

Mount Washington, also known as Agiocochook by some Native American Tribes, is located in the Presidential range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Historically the White Mountains were the home of the Abenaki and within the White Mountain National Forest archeologists have found numerous prehistoric Native American sites which indicate that indigenous people had…

Paiute Pass

Hunting for fall in the Eastern Sierra is never a hard task. The higher in elevation you travel the cooler the air gets, and you start to feel a bite in the air. It takes a bit of effort but any fatigue will be quickly replaced with awe at the beauty of the mountains. As…


Sometimes a little patch of dirt at the end of a long dusty road is as close to heaven as you can get.

Mountain Senses

Breath deep; the mountain air is thin yet it fills the lungs and brain to capacity. Heavy boots fly weary bones to the pass between two ragged peaks overlooking 11,000 feet of rock, wildflowers, and air. Take the dusty steep trail down to a pool of sapphire crystal. The edges of the glassy water so…

Hiking: Mount Morrison

When many Southern Californians head to the beach during the hot summer months I prefer that glorious drive up the 395 to the Eastern Sierras. The goal of my latest trip was to summit Mt Morrison. Morrison is a 12,000 foot peak which is perched above Convict lake. It’s about an 8 mile round trip and there is no designated trail head so it involves some bushwhacking and game trail navigation. The views are worth the work.