Fall in Maine

My recent trip to my home state of Maine was jammed pack with country fairs, apple picking, and sweater weather! The only thing I love more than fall in the Northeast is being a able to to spend it with family.  


Glaciers carve the land, scraping the soil away, exposing stone, and all semblance of life is abolished from the earth. Glaciers recede, depositing boulders, large and small, like frozen trolls on the bleak landscape. The wind blows carrying with it particles of sand, seeds of plants, which snuggle into the crooks and crannies of the…


Sometimes a little patch of dirt at the end of a long dusty road is as close to heaven as you can get.

Mountain Senses

Breath deep; the mountain air is thin yet it fills the lungs and brain to capacity. Heavy boots fly weary bones to the pass between two ragged peaks overlooking 11,000 feet of rock, wildflowers, and air. Take the dusty steep trail down to a pool of sapphire crystal. The edges of the glassy water so…

All is Gold

There is a time in the mountains when the land begins its final stretch before winter. The days gradually become shorter; the sun still warms your skins but starts to burn a little less brightly. The creeks flow fast and cold, already prepared for the ice and snow that is destined to cover their banks….

Photo Essay: Home for a week

How to pack as much as possible into a week in Maine. When you miss your flight and get in a day late spend whats left of the afternoon at a local apple orchard, extra points if they have baby goats. Use every bit of daylight to see the sights. This means going to the…