Idyllwild Nature Center and Trails

The Idyllwild Nature Center and Trails is located about one mile northwest of downtown Idyllwild, on highway 243. The Nature center is not fully opened at this time due to Covid but there is a ranger there to answer questions Thursday-Sunday, 9am to 4pm. All trails are open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset. The grounds of the Nature Center are located within the ancestral lands of the Cahuilla Indians. The Center has interpretive trails and tours where visitors can learn more about the history of this area. There are also many hiking trails to chose from, ranging from easy to moderate. We chose to take the summit trail and were rewarded with stunning views of Idyllwild and Taquitz Rock. Along the way we had fun climbing on boulder, crossing dry creek beds, and admiring towering oaks. Our hikes may be a little shorter nowadays but we definitely don’t miss anything along the way!

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