Photo Essay: Home for a week

How to pack as much as possible into a week in Maine.

  1. When you miss your flight and get in a day late spend whats left of the afternoon at a local apple orchard, extra points if they have baby goats.
  2. Use every bit of daylight to see the sights. This means going to the beach late, right before they close the gates so you can see the moon rise.
  3. Make family time a priority especially with the little one.
  4. Sleep less. For example celebrate a friend’s birthday, sleep three hours then wake up for an early morning balloon ride.
  5. Visit a seaside tourist town, cause this is a vacation. Make sure they have a good place to eat.
  6. Take advantage of all the trails and wilderness close to your home.
  7. Make time for lobster. You are in Maine after all.
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