Oak Glen Preserve

Nothing says fall like the obligatory trip to an apple orchard. Apple picking in Southern California is a bit of a spectacle. Thousands of Californians descend on a handful of orchards, swaddled in their best fall-wear, cozy sweaters, boots, and chucky knits, with no one seeming to care that it is over 90 degrees out….

Oak Glen

My favorite time of year is autumn.¬† Southern California may still feel like summer¬† but you can start to sense a bit of crispness in the air. The mornings are a bit cool and you may even be able to don a sweater before the sun fully comes out! To celebrate the fall equinox we…

Fall in Maine

My recent trip to my home state of Maine was jammed pack with country fairs, apple picking, and sweater weather! The only thing I love more than fall in the Northeast is being a able to to spend it with family.  

All is Gold

There is a time in the mountains when the land begins its final stretch before winter. The days gradually become shorter; the sun still warms your skins but starts to burn a little less brightly. The creeks flow fast and cold, already prepared for the ice and snow that is destined to cover their banks….