Oak Glen

My favorite time of year is autumn.  Southern California may still feel like summer  but you can start to sense a bit of crispness in the air. The mornings are a bit cool and you may even be able to don a sweater before the sun fully comes out! To celebrate the fall equinox we decided to do a quintessential fall time activity and explore Oak Glen. Oak Glen is a hidden corner of Southern California which is tucked away in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. There are several apple orchards in the area and each one has its own unique personality. We visited a few business, had some lunch, with apple pie of course, and walked around the main “town area”. We barely scratched the surface of things to do in Oak Glen so I know we will be back soon. Now that we have a child we are exploring these places with new eyes, activities that used to not interest us are now put on our list of things to do. Its so much fun exposing her to new sights and sounds. Not to mention her fussy level decreases significantly when we get her out and about, I think she will be a little wandering like her mom and dad.DSC_0015DSC_00228fce4f69-8b42-48c2-b94b-899c0146ace4dsc_0023DSC_0037

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