To a New Year: Part 1

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2016 was started with a sleepy night on the couch. When you have to fly on New Year’s eve after a delay of three days it’s a little hard to rally and rage. Luckily the weekend proved to be glorious. After a few blinks of my coffee seeking eyes it was off to Wrightwood to hike on the blue ridge trail. The trail follows a section of the PCT above Wrightwood, CA. It’s not a particularly exciting trail, it lacks some the  stunning vistas and elevation gains of  other local hikes, but it makes up for it with the entertaining views of skiers scooting their way down the slopes. The trail follows the ridgeline right above Mountain High Ski Mountain, and despite the lack of snow on the trail the mountain is up and running. Skiers and snowboarders carving down the meticulously groomed hills of manmade snow. The hike was short and more about getting the first breath of mountain air in my lungs than bagging  peaks.

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