To a New Year: Part Two

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The second half of my new year’s weekend was spent climbing in New Jack City. I am not typically one for sport climbing, I prefer the security of cracks over tiny little face holds which I put no trust in. I will gladly make an exception for New Jack City however. The dark rocks, the color of a dreary night  rise up, scraping the sky of the high desert. Traveling through the high walls is like being in a dark fairytale land,  and I could swear strange creatures are watching me from their dark hiding places.  The rock in New Jack is jagged and strange;  the formations found there were produced from metamorphic rock and are volcanic in origin.  Over 350 sport climbs can be found in New Jack City and it is good for all levels of climber. Although I was a little rusty on my sport leading I managed to find my way up a couple of great climbs. Luckily my friends were also there to play the role of rope gun and awesome belay.

The weekends of 2016 will quickly fill up with activities. I already have a few hikes planned with friends, some serious backcountry adventures on my wish list, and a whole lot more writing and pictures to share. Thank you for following my adventures in 2015 and here is to a new year!

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