Short hikes and baby kicks

I am officially in the final few weeks before baby makes her appearance in this world. This pregnancy flew by, which I’m sure is due in large part to the fact I was also chasing a toddler around the whole time. I found it a lot harder to stay active this time around but we still got out for some hiking and camping. The hardest part was motivating myself to pack up that car, but once I’m out there I always feel better. Its so important to keep doing the things that make you FEEL like you during pregnancy and postpartum. Its a wild ride and its east to loose yourself in motherhood so taking the time to continue to do the things you love is key.

It can be easy to lament the days when I would have pre-dawn starts and hike 13,000 foot peaks in the Eastern Sierra, sometimes I wonder if I will ever be that person again. However, sometimes all it takes to feel like me again is a short walk alone outside. Even living in an urban area I can look up at the trees, search for birds, and enjoy neighbors front yard gardens. When I can get out into the mountains even a short hike can do wonders for my mental health. In general we choose short easy hikes because our 2.5 year old likes to do a lot of the walking herself, so even a 2 miles loop will take us all morning.

Just as the natural world has seasons so do our lives. This time of rest and nurturing young will only last so long. Before I know it the girls we will bouncing down the trail on their own two legs and I will have trouble keeping up with them.

2 responses to “Short hikes and baby kicks”

  1. I feel this! Sometimes I think about the things I used to do before I had my son and I can’t even believe I had the time and energy for 5 AM wakeups and all day hikes! But I think we’ll both get back there sometime soon!


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