On the San Juan

Sometimes you just need to get away, take your covid-test, pack extra food, water and hand sanitizer, and drive. After canceling our family trip to Illinois we decided to drive to see family in Utah instead.

Needless to say this year has not gone as planned. We knew it was time for a break, and thought that a road trip to Utah was a safe option. After two days of travel, splitting up the 12 hour drive for Emma’s sake, we arrived at our family’s home. We didn’t stay put long though, we had come all this way to go on an even greater adventure, a two night river trip on the San Juan. 

The sun blasted sandstone and chai tea colored water of the San Juan welcomed us as we floated the river. As we traveled we passed willow thickets, foraging big horn sheep, and walls that went straight up to the sky. Nights were spent staring up at the milky way. With no light pollution the stars looked like a Pollock painting, sliver white dots splattered across a black canvas.

Running the river with a one year-old posed some challenges. Along with being worried about her safety we had the roasting sun to protect her from, keeping her calm on a 16 foot river raft, and hoping she would sleep at night and not keep everyone up. I’m not going to lie, the first day was a little nerve racking. We hit our stride on day two though and everything went smoothly. Emma loved the water and running around at camp.

The trip was a success, it was nice to get off the grid for a few days and not worry about everything going on in the world. I feel so thankful that we are able to access these areas, and that we have family who will take us in with open arms when we need them most.

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  1. I am happy you guys had a great time. I just loved those pictures and Emma looks great. Hope you have more happy travels in your future despite the current conditions.

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