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There are many directions I could take while writing about Scotland. I could make this a travel guide outlining the must see spots, or I could make a road map telling you about hidden gems away from the tourists train. Finally I could make it an adventure blog, and tell tales of our water logged and whisky soaked adventures. However instead of writing a lengthy essay about Scotland I will let the photos of this land shrouded in mist and emerald speak for themselves.

If you are inspired to visit Scotland I suggest you research how long it takes to drive from place to place. Hint: it takes a lot longer than you think. My advice is to buy a map and pick a few random little villages to visit. Not only does this spread your tourist dollars around it also will make you feel as if you discovered a secret magical kingdom.We went to Scotland with a general idea of where we wanted to visit and ended up discovering quite a few little towns and hills that were off the beaten path. The one lane roads of the Scottish highlands lead us to areas you don’t typically see on post cards.


Photo by Chelsea Harris


Photo by Chelsea Harris


Photo by Chelsea Harris


Photo by Chelsea Harris


Photo by Chelsea Harris



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