The Spontaneous weekend

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The spontaneous weekend is something to treasure. We spend so much of our lives on a set schedule, meetings, appointments, family events, all planned out, all anticipated. While it is always a treat to look forward to a carefully planned weekend there is something about packing up the car and zooming out of town on a Friday after work that can really bring out the adventure in you.




The anxiety of trying to find a campsite lifted away by that empty spot you claim, the adrenaline like a drug making you feel invincible to the folly of your own lack on planning.

Having no agenda makes any activity seem novel and exciting, attending an unexpected street fair or stumbling onto a bluegrass jam session at the top of a mountain. Not expecting anything out of your trip makes everything so much more magical.

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Of course this outlook on your weekend adventure could also leave you sleeping in your car in a Walmart parking lot or paying way to much to stay in a Bavarian themed hotel with mystery stains on the sheets. The misery of one night only lending to your claim of bad assery and spontaneous living.

There are times for crafted and meticulously planned weekends there are places where your dreams require a permit but for all those other weekends, the lazy weekends, the I just need to get out of town weekends, consider just taking off. Packing the car and seeing where the road takes you.


3 responses to “The Spontaneous weekend”

  1. Betsy,you’re an awesome, adventurous, inspring writer and photographer! Keep ’em coming. I look forward to the next one!


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