Climbing : A Different Kind of Trip Report; Bear Creek Spire, North Arete

IMG_6438 (2)

If I were a proper rock climber I would make a proper trip report of this weekends climb up Bear Creek Spire North Arete but I’m not proper and blush with the thought of regarding myself a rock climber. Sometimes I like to climb rocks, it is yet another grand excuse to get outside and get dirt under my finger nails. I do love to be outside and I love to be up high away from the valley floor, hugging tight onto a cool hard surface of vertical granite. This was the first high Sierra peak I have done and the first summit I have had to earn by backpacking to. Sleeping at the base of the climb listening to the sound of the wind ripping at our tent as we try to sleep the nerves away. Knowing that the mountain owns us, this is not our world. The old saying goes we climb it because it is there, for me I climb it because I don’t want to. So much within my mind and body scream no, my palms get sweaty, my fear tries to get the best of me. Being able to reign in these feelings, to still rope up and say yes is harder than any move I have ever done on a climb. Despite the fear and the anxiety it is always worth it. It is worth it when I place that first piece of gear. It is worth it when I see the sun move across the peaks surrounding me, dancing with the shadows it casts throughout the day. It is worth it when I get to those perfect cracks and feel like I’m flowing up the rock. It is worth it to visit that alpine world of rock and sky and wind. It is worth it at the top of every pitch. It is worth it at the end and at the beginning, and its not over till its over.IMG_6451IMG_6459


I climb with my girl friends and one friend in particular who always pushes me to do better and get past my fear. She is a badass bitch. Thank you Chelsea for pushing me to do all the things I never want to do, because you know whats good for me and what I am capable of. There are things I would have never known about myself if I had never met you and certainly many adventure that would have never happened.

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