Missing you

These are strange scary times. I hope everyone is staying safe, and staying at home. It’s been hard knowing that our adventures will be put on hold for awhile. We had lots of plans for camping in the desert this spring, but for now I will just had to imagine myself in the Mojave. We will be back soon, looking forward to coyote alarm clocks, sunburnt shoulders, and crackling camp fires in our future.


7 responses to “Missing you”

  1. Your photographs are absolutely stunning and I can’t believe we are not allowed to travel! Sadly, we have cancelled all our upcoming vanlife trips and are patiently staying at home. Today the sun was out in Ireland and we actually cooked and ate our dinner in the campervan that’s parked in the driveway. It was so much fun and just what was needed to fuel our wanderlust. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 😊 Aiva

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  2. Thank you! I’m glad you are staying safe, and staying home. It may not be exciting but it can be fun to try to find little bits of joy in your own yard. I was thinking of having a little camp out in the back yard this week :).


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