Emma’s First Hike

DSC_0054I have been quite negligent on my blogging lately and that is because I have been busy with our new baby! Little Emma Sherrock came on June 14th, and she is perfect. I would like to get around to writing about our birth story, until then I wanted to share a few moments from her first hike!

Getting out of the house is quite a production with a newborn, and staying home all day gets very isolating. Its especially hard because this time of year I am usually on backpacking or hiking trips every weekend. Staying home to watch Netflix and take care of a baby is quite the departure from that. Needless to say I needed to get out of the house. We decided that a short hike on a portion of the PCT would be a good introduction to hiking for baby, and would not work us too hard as Joe and I and both woefully out of hiking shape. Even though our hike was short it felt so good to get outside in the mountains again. I think Emma enjoyed it as well, especially because she did not have to miss a meal, trail side snacks are the best.



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