DSC_0564We tell ourselves stories; who we are, what we are capable of, and all the reason why we can’t do something. The stories we tell ourselves can keep us from experiencing parts of life, and from personal growth. They create a one-way mindset and hold us hostage in our comfort zone.

The stories we tell ourselves can set the framework for who we are but our evolution should not stop there. For a full meaningful life we need to look outside of ourselves.

In order to write a new story we need to get uncomfortable. We need to step out of the story we are living. Sometimes this means forcing ourselves to do something out of character. It may not feel great, the desire to be comfortable will make sure of that. This is growth, it can be challenging. However, eventually the practice of being uncomfortable will evolve into the realization that we can change our story. We can try new things, and we can change how we handle relationships, work, and life. There is always room to add depth and complexity to the story.

The one absolute truth is that all stories, eventually, come to an end. So why not rewrite your story as much as possible while you can?DSC_0544

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