Trekking Patagonia: A Perspective on Becoming a Mother

dsc_1558Over a year ago my husband and I traveled to Patagonia. Not only was it a trip of a lifetime it was also supposes to be our last hurrah before starting a family.

On that trip I had a lot of time for reflection on motherhood and the changes it would bring to my life. The result it this piece I wrote for Outdoor Women’s Alliance.

Trekking Patagonia: A Perspective on Becoming a Mother

2 responses to “Trekking Patagonia: A Perspective on Becoming a Mother”

  1. Loved that post! I’m currently in the same boat – my life is awesome and I love being able to hike wherever and whenever I want, so why do I need to have kids when it’s going to change all that? I’m still trying to figure it out and have been spending a lot of time with my friends who have babies and kids to see how they stay adventurous while parenting!


    • It will definitely change things! I know we will still hike and camp and travel but I definitely wont be scrambling up 4th class in the Sierra with a baby on my back haha. Its only a matter of time before they are old enough to keep up though! I started to change my mind about kids when I saw parents with their little ones out backpacking, I cant wait to expose my kids to the outside.


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