Once Upon a Time in Mexico

For three days salt has encrusted my hair, I have drank more beer than water, and spent more time in the waves then on dry ground. Welcome to Baja California, the Sea of Cortez, a very sandy paradise.

After 10 years of living so close to the border I have finally made it down to Baja. I’ve always wanted to visit, but concerns about safety and my dismal grasp of Spanish always kept me away. Over the past few years I have heard from many friends who have visited and had an amazing time. After this trip I wondered why I have not come down here sooner.

The first rule about Baja is don’t talk about Baja. Or at least that’s what it seemed like as I did research for the trip. Most people keep their beaches secret and if you want the goods on a secluded spot you need to know a guy who knows a guy. Its all very mysterious and exciting as true exploration and adventure are a dying activity in this age of social media and Geo-tagging. I honestly cant remember the last time I had to break out a paper map. Lucky for us I had some friends who have visited Baja many times and were able to give us some good advice.

We spent four days on the water. The friends we traveled with, Dave and Kimmie,  had brought stand up paddle boards and a kayak. It was my first time SUPing and I’m hooked! We essentially had an entire bay to ourselves and spent the days exploring hidden coves and snorkeling  rocky underwater towers. We saw sea lions, sea turtles, rays and many species of fish I can’t name. We also had fresh fish pulled straight from the ocean caught by expert water-man Dave. Our nights were spent sitting around the fire pit reading the stars and being blinded by the milky way. Far away from the light pollution of the cities the stars were free to shine without competition until the moon rose and covered the sea and desert with milky blue light.

I pray that Baja stays just as it is; desolate, remote and perfect. Recently the road south of Puertecitos was improved. With ease of travel often comes more people and with them the pressure to develop that remote coastline. Despite my trepidation about the future I know that I will be back to Baja many times.

Once upon a time in Mexico we found paradise.






4 responses to “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”

  1. Wow! I am feeling the warmth from these pictures, and those desert plants are amazing! My only experience with Baja was a Carnival cruise I took with family when I was 9. We didn’t experience as much quiet and solitude as you did. 😉


  2. Love it! First chance I have to look at this blog and it is quite an experience you had. Were you playing Boce Ball? I may have spelt that wrong. Happy Travels….


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