Five Essentials For Hiking In Southern California


Southern California is a great place to go hiking. The weather is almost always pleasant, the mountains are accessible, and you can be sure there will be a micro brewery to hit up on your way home from the trail. In addition to the 10 essentials  I find the following five items are great supplements  for a day spent on a Southern Californian trail.


  1. A big wide brimmed hat. I personally love Hemlock Hat Co. A heavy duty draw string and elastic band keep the hat on your noggin and they are lined with fun fabrics which help keep the sun off your face. DSC_0563
  2. Buff or bandanna. Good for covering your neck or head from the sun also good for blowing dusty boogers into. When it gets really hot its also nice to soak your buff in water and let it cool the skin on your neck. DSC_0571
  3. Rad shades. Personally I’m really not into the Robocop look of alot of the active sunglasses on the market which is why I adore Sunski. Their shades are hip and retro inspired. They also have a pretty awesome lens replacement policy. DSC_0560
  4. Sunshirt. Keeping your skin covered is the best form of sun protection. A good lightweight sunshirt will actually keep you cooler than if you were just in a tank top. There are many great light weight wicking sun shirts on the market. Personally I always reach for my favorite chambray I found at Goodwill. You don’t have to spend alot of money to have fun in the sun. DSC_0568
  5. Del Taco bean and cheese burrito. Cause you got to eat.DSC_0582

These are the five things that I always have with me when day hiking in SoCal. What are your favorite things to bring on the trail?

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