How to Practice Being Present Everyday

Being present does not just refer to your down dog in yoga class. You can follow the practice of being present every day to increase your quality of life.

We live in a culture of anticipation. We are continually searching for something to look forward to. We spend so much time waiting for something good to happen instead of finding the good in every moment.  Here are a few ways you can live a more present life.

 Find pleasure in the moment. Fix yourself a cup of lavender tea. Take a few minutes to enjoy the warmth of the cup and smell fragrant steam from the cup.

Notice the hidden beauty around you. Literally stop to smell the flowers.

Be thankful for the little things. Do you have a favorite old t-shirt that is so trend bare its see through and so soft you feel so comfy you could cry?

Take time everyday to do something you enjoy, even it’s just a few minutes.

These may seem like small things -which is why you have no excuse not to do them- but by practicing them everyday you are giving yourself permission to slow down for just a moment and be present.

What does being present mean to you? What do you try to do everyday to take in the moment at hand and find pleasure in small moments.  


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