Desert Alarm Clock

Sleeping outside in nature is a highly advisable activity. A movable bedroom of nylon walls providing a false sense of shelter from the dark wilds around you. The best part about waking up in a tent is the variety of alarm clocks you can enjoy depending on where you roll out your sleeping bag. Sometimes the alarm clock is the first rays of sun peaking out over a ridge top, sometimes this is a call for more sleep if you spent a cold night waiting for you toes to warm up, the sun finally warming your tent allowing you a few more hours of sleep before you wake up sweating. It can be the first song of a woodland bird noisily making itself known as the rest of the forest still sleeps. If you find your self unlucky enough to camp in a highly developed campground your alarm clock will likely be the gasoline powered sound of a generator coming from your RV loving neighbors. Of all the alarm clocks my favorite is the desert alarm clock. This alarm is sounded twice, at the moment of dusk and when the sky begins to turn lighter and lighter shades of purple and blue with the coming sun. You may first hear a distant wine, a barely audible yip. The call to sound the dawn as begun. Others begin the song picking it up to a crescendo. A chorus of coyotes. At first the howls sound distant, you are isolated from the wild in your tent but then more voices join and the melody surrounds you. You could swear there is a coyote right by your tent. The song lasts less than a minute, each animal reminding the others it is still there, it still holds claim to its own piece of land. Then all is quite again, you may hear the snooze alarm of a sage brush sparrow or cactus wren but you know the dawn shift has started when the coyote alarm clock sounds.

DSC_0009 DSC_0014

One response to “Desert Alarm Clock”

  1. The outdoors are unique and inviting with an aura of mystery and perceived danger that is not achieved within a fully enclosed shelter even though that shelter may be in the middle of nature.


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